Laughing At the Storms

Does being a mother sometimes feel like you’ve given up everything you are as a woman for your children?

You’re not alone.

Persuaded to marry a much older man at seventeen, this author gives up her dreams of college and singing to concentrate on being a wife and a mother. To quell loneliness and frustration she writes about her six children and the crazy, often humorous, and tender life they live.  Over thirty years later, when the last leaves for college, she writes the final story and dares to look back at the collection.  What she sees is a lifetime of learning and passion and the quirky attitude that somehow helped them all survive.  But is giving up on your dreams, to embrace your children’s dreams, worth the sacrifice? It depends on what is left.

From teen mom to Executive Director and business owner, this story is designed to relate and inspire.  

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Full-version printed book due out in December of 2019.

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