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My name is Dee Shihady. I am a quiet christian and I’m more than a mom.

A Quiet Christian?

When this blog began I was just finding my way back. I was so put off by the fanatic-type of Christian others referred to as “Jesus Freaks” and “Holy Rollers”. I had already drunk the koolaid, sort of, and I was scared to admit that, even after years of saying I may have been duped,  I still wanted God in my life. So I started this blog for myself really. So I could actually see for myself the things I mulled out as I searched for Jesus. I didn’t publicize it (though some still found me) and I didn’t prioritize writing (like I probably should have). I just became quietly Christian for myself.

A Mom

I am the mother of six adults ages 21 to 36 at the time of writing this. Somehow I survived and they did too. We existed mostly on laughter.

I would love to give you the quick and dirty of my life but it’s too long. Besides, I wrote about a lot of it in my new book, Laughing at the Storms. 

Suffice it to say I started my role as a mom at the age of 18 and sent my last one off to college a few years ago, in my fifties. It has been grueling at times. It has also been wonderful but usually not at the same time. I always wanted to share that with other moms who wished they had parenting manuals.

More Than a Mom!

As I mentioned on another page, I was seventeen when I got married. I traded my college scholarship and everything I thought I would be someday for a marriage to someone eight years older. My parents encouraged it because they liked this guy and thought I was being a pain in the neck at home. (Sorry  mom…you know I forgive you!).

I didn’t get to college until thirteen years later and I had six children in the house doing homework with me. By then I had been teaching in just about every aspect I could without the doctorate I wanted, including as an ESL instructor for French students. My dream was to teach adults.

By that age, of course the scholarship was gone and today I have school loans of my own to pay, in addition to helping my children through college.  Still, I did it! I got an associates degree in business administration and a few years later a bachelor in Social Science/Education.  I was a foster parent of eight girls at one point and I’ve been the children’s choir leader, taught poetry and graphology at the community college, had a voice lesson business of my own, taught every age group in a church setting, been a youth group leader, women’s leader and even plowed fields on a tractor in Idaho (all that before getting a degree!).

Today I own an Adoption Agency and I’m a published author, poet, a photographer, public speaker, and the grandmother of ten. I am definitely a professional mother!

I didn’t tell you one bit of that to brag (Okay a little – it was hard work!). I shared this to let you know that you can be and do whatever you want and more. I didn’t start out with some kind of advantage (Unless you count a mom that always told me to stop saying, “I can’t”). My parents were middle class. Mom’s side was even less affluent and my sisters and I are the first generation to go to college. I didn’t marry rich. I went through divorces, poverty, periods of no faith, the death of a child, raised a child with autism, helped with two step-sons, and sent a 18 year old boy to Iraq. I had a goth child, juvenile delinquent, homeless child, and one that had to be admitted to the hospital for a brief stint. AND…I…DID…MORE…THAN…SURVIVE.

You can too! I believe in you!

Dee Shihady

More about being a Christian.                    More about my book, Laughing at the Storms.

More about my adoption agency.              My secret, (okay not so secret) love of books!

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