Lonliness; a Prescription for Dementia

Are we connecting or are we more disconnected than ever? And is this a health debate?

White Soul Exposed

I am not my ancestor but just like a new husband I am paying for your ex-husband’s sins until you get to know me better.

Discovery of Self

Today I will believe in who I am for I have become some of everything I want to be. A little more patient. A little more kind. A little less likely to believe the worst. I am not perfect nor am I profound but joyously I have discovered that I am me. (c) 1985 R.... Continue Reading →

Art of the Sacred Self

SELF-RELIANCE ...The art of knowing your day is done before the sun goes down. SELF-PRESERVATION ...The art of protecting the prices you must eventually pay for being yourself. SELF-SATISFACTION ...The art of being completely enthused with the rises and falls of each trial. SELF-LOVE ...The art of knowing who you are and what you can... Continue Reading →

Divine Inspiration

I don’t often wonder at the magic that is music but in me burns this almost spiritual feeling when I hear something that feels like it speaks for me.  When the lyrics align so completely with what I’m thinking it feels like a favor someone has granted my soul. I wonder if God feels that... Continue Reading →

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