I Shall Not Want

I love to shop. I love it so much that I use it as my down time, my celebration and my pacifier.  It is really not healthy even though I don't really buy much. In fact, my husband and my mother have both noted that I can "nickle and dime" myself to death. Still, it... Continue Reading →

God Loves a Questioner

God loves the man who asks His name and whether He is real. The question begs an answer or a reason not to kneel.

The Lesser Trials

What is learned respect for earned humility? The natural feeling of grateful reflection of another trial overcome? I, too, have been humbled by the enormous but I have failed to respect the provoked devotion one must have to bow beneath lesser trials. It is easy to comfort oneself after the big mountains saying, "Look, all... Continue Reading →

To Trust Again

A dream fulfilled. An unspoken reminder that we are not the masters that make all possible, but only the pupil.   Anticipation. How we dread the feelings that it "sounds to good to be true". Oh, please - let it be true!   And somewhere inside my always-questioning soul I reach for you and ask... Continue Reading →

Hey, Uh Dad…..?

Prayer seems to be a lot like talking to your dad about something you both know you want. He already knows whether he’s going to buy it for you or not but if you don’t say "please" you look rather smug and ungrateful and if you don’t ask at all it looks like you're either... Continue Reading →

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