The Thing About Simplicity

Simplicity is a goal that either takes great concentration and effort or becomes a necessity. Mine has become the latter. It was not a great way to begin the year. 

I Shall Not Want

I love to shop. I love it so much that I use it as my down time, my celebration and my pacifier.  It is really not healthy even though I don't really buy much. In fact, my husband and my mother have both noted that I can "nickle and dime" myself to death. Still, it... Continue Reading →

Perfect Parenting

Truth be told she has made some very good decisions and I’ve been proud of her. However...I know what she should probably be doing so I could save her a lot of time and effort by just insisting on my course.

Discovery of Self

Today I will believe in who I am for I have become some of everything I want to be. A little more patient. A little more kind. A little less likely to believe the worst. I am not perfect nor am I profound but joyously I have discovered that I am me. (c) 1985 R.... Continue Reading →

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