Casting All Your Cares

Over time I have learned that it helps if I approach every heartache prayer with a different agenda. 

Esau’s Regret

It wasn't just the regret part that made me stop, reread it, and write it down. It was the question in my heart that said, "Have I ever been close to Esau's regret?"

Pain and Promises

Isn't everything supposed to be glorious when you decide to come back to God? I never expected death and devastation, trauma and pain to be a part of my pathway back. Yet there it was overwhelming me with pain and promising everything in return.

Are You a Mom or a Club Sandwich?

I am now part of the “Sandwich Generation” and more specifically, a Club Sandwich. But even if we’ve felt the pinch of living between the slices and are just bone weary, it is warming, in a way, to know you are dedicated to your family in all it’s forms.

Who Else Wants to Be Known?

It is one of the most joyful and lonely feelings I've ever had. I was one person in the sea of hundreds and though we were all focused on Jesus we were strangers lost in our own thoughts and personal salvation.

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